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Motorcycle Design Magazine

Here is a gallery of some new interesting models and concepts show at Eicma 2022.


Aprilia Electrica Project

Aprilia Electrica Project (concept).


Benelli BKX 250

Benelli BKX 250 (new product)


Bimota BX450T

Bimota BX450T (new product).


Brixton Stork

Brixton Stork (concept).


Davinci DC100

Davinci DC100 (new product).


Ducati Diavel V4

Ducati Diavel V4 (new product).


Fantic Motor Caballero 700

Fantic Motor Caballero 700 (new product).


Honda Transalp

Honda Transalp (new product).


Kawasaki HEV

Kawasaki HEV (concept).


Keeway MBP T125X

Keeway MBP T125X (concept).


Kymco Supernex

Kymco Supernex (concept).


Malaguti Xam

Malaguti Xam (concept).


Moto Morini X-cape ADV-R

Moto Morini X-cape ADV-R (concept).


Peugeot PM-01 Roadster

Peugeot PM-01 Roadster (new product).


QJ Motor RX

QJ Motor RX (new product).


Rieju Aventura Legend 500

Rieju Aventura Legend 500 (new product).


Royal Enfield Supermeteor 650

Royal Enfield Supermeteor 650 (new product).


Suzuki GSX-8s

Suzuki GSX-8s (new product).


Triumph TE-1

Triumph TE-1 (prototype).


Velocifero RACE-X

Velocifero RACE-X (new product).